Christmas Place-Setting YALL!

Happy November 1st! What does that mean to me? Snow is in the forecast in North Idaho. The temperatures are dropping. And it’s Christmas decorating time! I, myself, really just can’t wait until after Thanksgiving. I wish I could be that strong, but 4ish weeks is just not enough time to enjoy all the Christmas feels. So it’s happening. Like now. And what’s happening first? The table. Is it just me or is place-setting kinda intimidating? Don’t get me wrong, my table is FO. SHO. my favorite thing to decorate besides the tree. But there are so many choices. Chargers, plates, napkins, placemats, napkin rings vs. napkin place-card holders vs. greenery sprigs. I see so many gorgeous Christmas tables & trying to decide what to do with mine always makes me think. And think. And rearrange. And rearrange some more! And I likely will continue to rearrange up until Christmas because I DO get bored. In hopes of helping someone working on their Christmas table, I decided to do a quick blog about some different place-setting ideas in hopes that it helps yall create yours. I’m not talking entire tablescape. That’s a story for another time. I’m talking everything that goes on top of the placement. That little area can have so much Christmas magic!

I think the first thing to really think about when creating your place-setting is thinking about what “look” you’re going for. White Christmas, earthy Christmas, red & green, fun patterns, rustic, vintage, woodsy, bright, etc. Once you’ve got that in your head, next up is deciding what your “main” piece is. For example, if you picked up these awesome napkin rings, then you can base everything else around those. Or if you have table napkins you love and want those to be the highlight, then you work everything around those. Make sense? In my experience, after you decide what your highlight piece is, the rest is easy. You just piece it all together.

Using greenery/springs/bark/flowers on top of a folded napkin makes for a really pretty place setting. In fact, that’s what I decided to do for mine. For now. I really like bringing outdoor elements inside. Something about it just makes me real happy. For Christmas, I’m loving sprigs with mini pinecones or flocked sprigs or red berries placed on top of a folded neutral napkin. One spring can be cut with wires & used for all of your place settings if it is large enough. Which also makes the spring idea very budget-friendly. Which is my thing. I like budget-friendly.

Here’s a couple of my favorite sprigs from Hobby Lobby:

Flocked Pinecone Branch (Pictured Below)

Pinecone & Holly Branches

Frosted Lamb’s Ear

Silver Glitter Leaf Stem

Flocked Pine Branch

Flocked Berry Leaf Branch

Glitter Branch – Comes in silver, gold, or red

A napkin ring is also a classic choice. I found some great silver deer napkin rings which I loved. They go with all colors & they are beautiful.

You can also use ornaments and place those on top! The little bark piece with the deer on it is actually an ornament I got from Hobby Lobby in their mini-tree decorating section. Four of them were only $2 with the 50% off! And the antler is also an ornament from Hobby Lobby that I spray-painted white.

As for napkins, if your napkin is your statement piece, I would go for something simple (if anything at all) when it comes to napkin rings/place cards/sprigs. THESE table napkins by Amanda are stunning. I have linked them before and I’m linking them again because this is the perfect example of really not needing anything else. All you really have to worry about in regards to napkins is making sure it complements what you put with it.

And when it comes to chargers/plates/placemats, I just lump that decision all together. I generally stick with neutral colors for these items and use the napkin & napkin ring (or whatever you chose) as my opportunity for a pop of color or a fun pattern. That way, it’s easy. And you can reuse for other holidays if they are on the neutral & simple side. My go to is dollar store white plates, a gray placemat (I like round placemats best), and a galvanized charger. I literally use those three for everything and they are pretty foolproof. They work for any occasion without fail. I just switch out what goes on top of the plate. You can go for gold chargers, silver chargers, a burlap charger, whatever you think meshes best with your napkin.

I hope that helped you organize some thoughts if you needed it! I tried to keep it simple. Because it really is simple once you think about. A little puzzle. You just piece everything together to create your vision. And remember, DO NOT compare yourself to people on the internet. I repeat. DO NOT COMPARE! Be inspired. Inspiration is amazing. But comparison? Comparison is less than amazing. Okay, off my soap box now. I can’t WAIT to see everyone’s amazing tables. Have fun with it. Enjoy the process. Blast Christmas music. It’s the most wonderful time of year!

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